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ZA Lifestyle is Born!

Since ZA Bikers arrived in 2014, the website has established itself as the preeminent motorcycling platform in South Africa, featuring a wide diversity of motorcycling content from some of the best journalists in their respective fields, creating a platform that has gained the trust of the industry for its accuracy, integrity and quality.

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There are no points, however, for standing still and resting on your laurels. At ZA Bikers, we’re always looking for ways to improve and add value to both our clients and our readers and we think that our new direction will do just that.

Talking new direction, the culprit that inspired us, came into our lives back in 2022 when our outgoing support vehicle needed an upgrade. Creating decent content for our clients requires transporting camera equipment and the like to some weird and wonderful places. After further research and several test drives, we concluded that the Suzuki Jimny was going to be the best-suited vehicle for our specific requirements.

Photo credit: ZA Lifestyle

Coming from the motorcycle world, we didn’t anticipate how big the lifestyle vehicle and aftermarket accessories industry was. Chatting with a few key players, we very quickly got sucked in by their passion for this industry, which led us down a rabbit hole with our Jimny.

An ongoing build project then began, with the likes of; General Tire, Takla Products, Des Sol, Jimny Wild, Alu-Cab, 4×4 Megaworld and Liqui Moly all falling part of this project. We recorded our build progress in our Jimny blog, here.

Photo credit: ZA Lifestyle

Before we knew it, Suzuki Auto SA announced their Jimny Gathering event in Clarens, which we attended as Suzuki’s media guests.

We were not only blown away by how many Jimny’s attended this event (approximately 1000), but, by how many of these vehicles were heavily customised. The camaraderie within the Jimny faithful is not too dissimilar to the biking fraternity in that there’s a feeling of unity. An example of this is that you flash your lights whenever another Jimny passes you in the street, as bikers do with the nodding of their helmets.

Photo credit: ZA Lifestyle

What has been an eye-opener for us, is how our Jimny content has been well-received with our ZA Bikers audience, this led us to understand that people who ride motorcycles tend to have a lot in common. They love the outdoors, getting out and about, and with the popularity of adventure motorcycles, enjoy camping. Many seem to own 4x4s too—this is when we realised there was a gap in the market.

Enter ZA Lifestyle (

So, ZA Lifestyle is more an evolution than a revolution. We want to keep our content stimulating and relevant. In addition to your regular biking fix on ZA Bikers, we will keep you informed on other aspects of the outdoor lifestyle that we enjoy, in this beautiful country of ours.

Photo credit: ZA Lifestyle

Expect to read about ‘Lifestyle Vehicles’, plus all the necessary mounting ‘Accessories’ to transport your recreational two wheels out into the wilderness.

Our ‘Gear & Products’ section will be focusing on camping & outdoor gear, maintenance & care products for your lifestyle vehicles and bikes, plus we will be featuring content on the devices we use to capture those moments.

Finally, as lovers of anything with two wheels, we’ve decided to start featuring the growing industry of ‘E-bicycles’.

Photo credit: ZA Lifestyle

As always, we will create original content rather than regurgitate what others have put out there. If we tell you about it, it is because we have tried it and experienced it ourselves.

How to find ZA Lifestyle? It’s simple, all of our social media platforms (Facebook/Instagram) are fully integrated. You don’t even need to type in a new web address: ZA Lifestyle is accessible from the ZA Bikers platform (and vice versa). Alternatively, go directly here (

Photo credit: ZA Lifestyle

We hope you’ll enjoy our new direction. If you have any suggestions for content or businesses and products you really think we should feature on the website, we’d be really happy to hear from you…

Staff Writer
Staff Writer
Compiled by the ZA Lifestyle team.




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